Event Resources

Education Advocacy 

Thank you for joining Lakeshore Legal Aid’s presentation on Education Advocacy! Below is a list of relevant resources. If you have a legal question about special education services, assessment of your child for services, IEPs, or 504 plans, consider contacting Lakeshore’s Counsel & Advocacy Law Line at 888-783-8190. Our attorney-staffed hotline provides free legal information, advice, and referrals. You can also apply for legal services online on our Find Legal Help webpage. 

Relevant Laws

  • Legal Basis for School Discipline: MCL 380.1309-380.1311
  • MCL 380.1310d covers suspension and expulsion
  • The school has broad discretion to suspend or expel students when, in its own judgment, “the interest of the school is served” by such an action. MCL 380.1311(1).
  • Section 380.1310d Rebuttable presumption:  school faces rebuttable presumption in favor of keeping MC in school if school wants to suspend or expel student >10 days, except when firearms are involved.
  • MCL 380.1311(1) allows a school or district to suspend or expel a student who is guilty of a gross misdemeanor or persistent disobedience if the interest of the school is served by the suspension or expulsion.
  • MCL 380.1311(2) allows a school or district to expel a student who possesses a dangerous weapon in a weapon free school zone, commits arson in a school or on school grounds, or commits criminal sexual assault in a school or on school grounds.  The student can be expelled from the school district permanently, subject to possible reinstatement.