Finding Freedom for the Family

“Marla” came to Lakeshore as a referral from a domestic violence shelter. English is Marla’s second language and so her ability to work within the court system on her own was difficult for her. Marla needed help to file a divorce and also to keep a personal protection order in place that she had obtained on her own.

Marla has three small children and her husband had been abusive throughout their marriage, even abandoning her and her children in another country without their passports. Utilizing a language interpreter in court, Lakeshore’s attorney obtained orders from the judge that kept Marla’s personal protection order in place, granted her a divorce with alimony, as well as a parenting time order that required the husband’s time with the children be supervised. With these protections in place Marla was able to continue to live in the marital home with her children.

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