Keeping the House a Home

Lakeshore Legal Aid obtained a dismissal of an eviction case against “Troy” and his family. The Lakeshore Legal Aid attorney appeared in court one day after Troy had called the Lakeshore Legal Aid hotline for assistance.

The house the family had rented for almost 2 years with their teenage son had numerous issues, including an unsafe porch and only one functional door to the outside. Troy had withheld rent after notifying the landlord the house was not safe. The landlord responded by filing an eviction case against Troy and his family. When the judge heard the evidence about the condition of the house, the landlord agreed to complete all necessary repairs, and Troy did not have to pay rent until the repairs were completed. Troy was able to stay in the home in the neighborhood his wife loved, and most important to Troy and his wife, their 14-year-old son was able to continue to attend the same school.

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