Lead Resources

Get the Facts about Lead 

Go to the Center for Disease Control Lead Poisoning Resources page for answers to basic lead-related questions like what is lead poisoning, elevated blood lead level (BLL), and the impact of exposure? For Michigan specific information, go to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.  

Test Blood Lead Levels 

Here are ways to get your child’s blood tested for lead:  

  • Call the toll-free number on the back of your child’s health insurance card to schedule time with your pediatrician. 
  • Make an appointment with Children’s Hospital Pediatrics by calling 313-745-KIDS (5437). 
  • Make an appointment with the Detroit Health Department by calling  313-876-0133. 
  • Call MDHHS Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 517-335-8885 or email at MCHHSCLPPP@michigan.gov. 

Inspect Your Home for Lead  

Here are ways to get your house or apartment tested for lead: 

Make Your Home Lead Safe 

Here are ways to make your house or apartment lead safe: 

  • Call Detroit’s Housing and Revitalization Department at 313-224-6380 to get lead paint hazards addressed in your home, are living in a priority Detroit zip code, and meet other program requirements. 
  • Apply for free lead services at Michigan’s Lead Safe Home Program. If you don’t qualify, consider a Michigan Saves loan. 
  • Follow EPA guidelines on safely addressing lead if you are preparing to renovate a home that you own. 

Detroit Renters’ Rights 

Your landlord is required by law to have a certificate of compliance proving your rental to be lead safe. Make sure your rental has been certified by:   

If your rental unit has not been certified as compliant, you must: 

  • Send a written notice to your landlord that you will begin escrowing your rental payments.  
  • Sign up for the city’s escrow program on the city’s website. 
  • Call the city’s Building, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department at 313-628-2451 and submit a complaint on the city website. 

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